Exercise Physiologists

Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) specialise in delivering exercise programs. These programs can help children living with a range of chronic conditions, illnesses and disabilities to improve their quality of life. They also provide advice and support with a strong focus on lifestyle and physical behaviour modification for a healthier future. Our clinicians are qualified to understand the complexities around working with children living with illness, injuries and disabilities.

Children should not be held back from being physically active because of any condition, illness, disability or injury. In fact, exercise can play an important role in helping them manage their quality of life and help ease or treat their condition.

Each condition comes with individual traits and complexities, hence the importance for children to exercise right for who they are.

An Exercise Physiologist may also assist mothers whom are either attempting to become pregnant, guidance during the three stages of pregnancy and post delivery to restore the body to its optimal physical well-being.