Family Forever Program

A First Aid Kit for New Families

Life is tough, Marriage and relationships are difficult. Now add young members family to the mix and what you have is the potential for a real challenge.

Secure and understand your Family First Aid Kit before needing to use it. Most importantly know what tools you may effectively and practically use to avoid disaster at times of crisis point.

How to build and maintain strong relationships among immediate family, between parents, parents and children, and between siblings?

Come and join us for 4 power packed and life changing sessions. This program is delivered outside of work hours to ensure more family may attend. Be provided with an essential package of the very best theoretical and practical First Aid Medicine for each family’s mental health and social well-being.

Examples of topics discussed:

  • How to manage baby’s crisis – emergency, 000 ?
  • Managing toddler’s behaviour?
  • 123 Magic Program in practice
  • Working as a Team and sharing the load
  • Mums and Dads are important
  • Taking time out to enjoy the moment
  • Staying connected
  • Managing routine, in the absence of routine
  • Family influencers- Managing the outside friends and family Love and best intent
  • Asking for help, When, where and how?
  • Communication- It’s not what you say that counts
  • The unexpected financial crisis. Managing Cash Flow
  • Going the distance – The physical and emotional Marathon