The Little Learner

The Little Learner Program

The Little Learner Program is designed to support parents and their children presenting both normal Peadiatric related physical and cognitive milestones or conversely those that may be experiencing various disabilities and/or global developmental delay concerns.

The Little Learner will ready and support your child toward their schooling experience despite what level of ability they may hold. This is a clinically supported education program dedicated to preparing your child for their inclusion and success in Pre Prep, Prep or Primary school.

Tutoring sessions are tailored individually, and also supported by an expert clinical team consisting of Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Dietitian, Podiatrist. Further support is at hand with Paediatrician and Paediatric Specialists.

Sessions will take place during and after school hours. Each program is tailored based on each child’s level of ability and desired outcome. The education program is carefully coordinated to ensure any physical or cognitive deficit is promptly identified and provided clinical support by the relevant practitioner.

This approach ensures that children excel to their individual best and without the failure to identify potential barriers, which may unknowingly hinder the learning process.

We care about parents too! Every program includes a set of Educational Sessions to provide support and guidance regarding how to best manage challenging situations, how to support your child with a disability, and to equally enjoy the educational journey of the child as a family!

Every child deserves to reach their learning potential. Your child now has access to the ultimate combination of educational and clinical support. Take advantage of this program and secure an initial comprehensive assessment today.