Allied Health Services Australia and Paediatric Centre Gold Coast is proud to provide therapy services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to self-managed and plan-managed participants. Our clinicians are experienced complex, neurological and physical disability providers, supporting families and individuals with disabilities to improve their health and wellbeing, and capacity to participate in everyday life. Our varied expertise span across the spectrum of Allied Health disciplines including:

  • Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietitian and Feeding Therapist  
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Podiatry
  • Allied Health Assistants

How we can support you:
Supports come in many forms and are individualised for you based on your needs and goals identified in your plan.

This may involve:

  • Improving your mobility and movement, language and communication, or personal care for increased independence.
  • Providing assessment and recommendations to promote and encourage improved health and wellbeing through physical activities and/or diet and nutrition.

If you would like to discuss how we can be a part of your NDIS plan or if you have further questions regarding our services please contact via email or phone our friendly office on 07 5655 4510

Relationships with Industry Experts

PCGC and AHSA has a dedicated NDIS Clinical Coordinator and management team who keep up to date with everything NDIS.  This includes working closely with leading Support Coordinators, Plan Managers and NDIS services should our participants be looking for a trusted referral. We work closely with our external relationships to consistently improve our services and collaborate for our participant’s benefit. Furthermore, we recognise the importance of continuing professional education and frequently hold educational evenings for our clinical team, with guest speakers from the NDIS provider space.

Monthly Case Management Meetings

Our team meets once per month for case management meetings. With your permission, our participant’s therapy programs and goals can benefit from the collaboration and expertise of a multidisciplinary team including senior Psychologist, OT, Physio, Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian and Feeding Therapist. Additionally, we invite our participant’s external care team to contribute to their case management including support coordinators and behavioural therapists.

Quality NDIS Reporting

Our experience in the industry with strong connections and dedicated NDIS team members ensures all therapists are writing and delivering NDIS reports to the highest standard. With ongoing collaboration, learning, and communication we know what our providers are looking for, and how to best advocate for our participants through their NDIS reporting requirements. This includes using easy to understand language, focus on functional domains, and utilising evidence-based assessment methods.

Timely Availability

PCGC and AHSA prides ourselves on having immediate to minimal wait-times including in-demand services such as Occupational Therapy. Please get in touch with our NDIS Clinical Coordinator to discuss your needs and for prompt booking.

What are the Benefits of Joint Sessions (Interdisciplinary Practice)

The term interdisciplinary practice describes when a team of health care professionals (such as Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Music Therapists and Dietitians) work together in a coordinated manner to achieve common goals, share decision making, and provide inclusive and holistic care for the child and their family.

At the Paediatric Centre Gold Coast, our interdisciplinary team may be observed when your child’s allied health therapists see your child at the same time together to ensure their goals are being targeted in the most efficient way.


How are joint sessions beneficial?

  • Child Engagement: Working with both therapists at the same time can assist with facilitating engagement, attention, and participation in the session. A higher level of engagement from the child is likely to lead to a higher quality in therapy outcomes.
  • Quality of Care: Having two experienced therapists working with your child means that approaches and strategies can be clearly shared and discussed. Planning of techniques and strategies can be brainstormed together, to ensure the best level of care is being provided.
  • Therapist Communication: Therapists are able to communicate about your child’s needs on an ongoing basis. This ensures consistency in responding to your child’s behaviours across therapists.  Or, if a change in approach is needed, we are able to quickly communicate this among your child’s treatment team. This also means that you will not need to repeat any information across therapists and the information shared is consistent.
  • Time Efficiency: Joint sessions will save parents’ time. Often individual sessions run for 45mins – 60mins each, meaning parents may be attending sessions for up to 2 hours each week/fortnight (depending on the frequency of your sessions). If you have been offered joint therapy sessions, this time can be halved as you will be working with both clinicians at the same time.
  • Social Skills: Two therapists increase the number of people your child is required to interact with at one time. Often working one-on-one for social skills can be challenging, however with the addition of another person, the child is better able to work on skills such as waiting and listening, taking in turns, winning, and losing.
  • Consistency of Care: Strategies used and shared with parents are consistent, which ensures the children are learning and being supported in the same way from all who are involved. The child is not confused by being taught many different strategies to achieve the same goal.

Structure of Joint Sessions

Our joint sessions include your choice of face-to-face therapy time plus 15 minutes non-contact time for clinician collaboration and documentation requirements.

After initial joint sessions, your family will be provided with a short report outlining goals, objectives, and recommendations. This report is provided after every 4th session when joint sessions are ongoing.

If your family would like to participate in joint sessions, please let our team know.

Intensive Short Stays – Capacity Building

An exceptional opportunity to those living in remote and regional locations, where access to expert therapeutic services is limited. NDIS participants can achieve and work towards their NDIS goals whilst combining a short stay of fun, enjoying all that the sunny Gold Coast has to offer!

Our multidisciplinary allied health team will provide intensive capacity building therapies between 3-6 hours each day via an individualised program, carefully designed to ensure the greatest therapeutic outcomes.


  • Pre-stay goal setting Zoom meetings, conducted to ensure each stay achieves maximal benefit
  • 1-4 week opportunities
  • A timetable of therapy is approved by the participant prior to their arrival
  • Continued support and consultation between short stays to follow up and continue treatment and management requirements
  • Our team can link you in with activity providers

The location:

Each participant is welcomed personally to the Gold Coast by one of our management team members.  A thorough welcome and onsite orientation is provided on day one of stay. For accommodation, enjoy staying at a brand new hotel 500 metres from Allied Health Services Australia Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Facility. The rooms are luxurious fully serviced apartments (1-3 bedrooms) and are incredibly spacious disability friendly rooms. A negotiated accommodation fee schedule is designed specifically for the NDIS participant. Additionally, take comfort in having a Mobility and Medical Aid partner nearby, ensuring additional required aids are arranged on site prior to participants arrival.

  • Train station close by which provides direct access to Brisbane airport 
  • Walking distance to Robina Town Centre Shopping and Dining precinct 
  • Enjoy time on the beautiful Gold Coast beaches – disability access with beach wheelchair arranged on your behalf at the world famous Burleigh Heads beach
  • Movie World, Dreamworld, Seaworld, Wet and Wild, Outback Spectacular, Paradise Country, and Currumbin Wild Life Sanctuary are just some of the many highlights of the Gold Coast
  • Enjoy local restaurants, cafes, beach-side markets and the many weekend local events