Building Better Fathers

This life changing program is fully funded by the Trinity Family Support Network. It’s held for one evening each week over 8 weeks and gives Dads the tools, skills, insights and support to become better fathers for their children, partners, mates and community.

Weekly Dad’s Workshop for Fathers of Children aged 0 to 8


  • Learn some simple yet really effective parenting tools
  • Having a support network and good mates for fun activities with the kids
  • Healthy Dad Boundaries – when to address challenging behaviours and when to let it go
  • Dealing with frustration – respond or react – it’s your choice
  • Learn from other Dads also sharing similar challenges to you
  • The Oxygen Mask Rule – when to care for yourself first so as to better care for others
  • Understanding kids, connecting and parenting styles
  • Special Dads for Special Needs Kids – All kids are special
  • Have a “Flight Simulator” where you can practice new approaches and skills – a safe environment where nobody gets hurt
  • Blended, Separated or Nuclear families – different styles of fathering