Assistive Technology Innovation and Fitting Centre

Assistive technology (AT) is any device, system or equipment used by individuals to enable tasks that might otherwise be difficult due to their disability, illness or injury.

Paediatric Centre Gold Coast has partnered with leading Assistive Technology suppliers to ensure the greater Gold Coast community has access to the latest and most advanced AT currently on the market. All this innovation under the one roof and prescribed by experienced clinicians, not salespersons. Varied technology, enabling life to occur with greater ease, more accessibility and enhanced opportunity.

Paediatric Centre Gold Coast is an approved fitting centre for many cutting edge Assistive Technology products and can ensure you are prescribed the most suitable device to suit your individual requirements.

Be Adventurous, Be Fun, Be an Extraordinary Family

Young parents look forward to enjoying the many adventures of discovering the world as a new family. The short trips away for a weekend escape, the holiday outdoor fun in the sun, the social engagement of other parents with their little bundles of joy.

Sadly, why is it that when a young beautiful little person with special needs enters this world that families often struggle to participate in many of the activities of other young families? Why is it that mums become isolated and don’t feel they can socialise with other mums with children? Why do dads often feel left out and externalised to their children’s development. The usual father/child activities not being accessible in the typical way. Most importantly, why do these children fail to experience what other children simply take for granted?

Paediatric Centre Gold Coast aims to change the way parents think when it comes to the perceived restrictions that having a child with special needs has on their actual lifestyle.

Assistive technology has progressed an incredibly long way in the recent few years and continues to provide answers to questions that previously only larger cumbersome equipment could provide solutions for.

We see it essential that young mums and dads alike may be able to gain the social support that comes from mixing with their friends. Maybe mum may like to go for coffee with the other mums, whom have their children in the latest and greatest trendy prams. Fathers may wish to take the family away to engage with other fathers on mixed family trips. However, all too often the barriers preventing these essential opportunities from occurring are difficult to overcome.

For instance, barriers surrounding prams vs disability wheelchairs. Obviously a brisk walk with the girlfriends is far easier with a light weight running pram as opposed to a purpose built disability orientated heavier manual wheelchair.

Packing the car for an adventurous family weekend away becomes arduous when noting how many large items are required to take. Sleeping bed, Bathing equipment, Seating systems, Wheelchair just to name a few.

Today our innovative industry partners are manufacturing and importing greater numbers of equipment that are lighter, less awkward, multipurpose and more user friendly than ever before. Too many to investigate individually or keep up with. Your family’s circumstances are individual, your lifestyle is yours.

The experienced clinicians at Paediatric Centre Gold Coast will be excited to assist you to develop your active lifestyle program by recommending and prescribing what will best serve your family’s needs.

Book your next coffee visit with the girls, take advantage of the next cheap holiday deal that comes along, that may be was previously not achievable. Let us help get your family back into the game of life.