Healthy Mums and Little Smiles

This program is designed to support women attempting to fall pregnant naturally or with an assistance of IVF treatment, to provide guidance and assistance during pregnancy and ensure optimal and prompt recovery.

Healthy Mums, Little Smiles is ideal for those mums whom desire to maintain a peak health and well-being whilst trying to fall pregnant, during the three trimesters and also those whom have given birth and are working to restore their body back to its ultimate level of health.

Although the research strongly supports exercise as part of this process, the problem we often see is that an over or under enthusiastic training regime has the capacity to actually prevent the IVF program from achieving its results.

AHSA is able to provide specialised guidance for this population and ensure a clinically appropriate balance of exercise, reflective of the hormonal fluctuations typically present during the typical fertility cycle.

The program will include:

  • Guided exercise using evidence based practice toward readying or returning a mother to maximal functional fitness subsequent to either giving birth or getting ready for carrying a child
  • Exercise based sessions, adapted individually, 3 x a week including Pilates and Yoga influence
  • Education classes
  • Expert professional Allied health team providing ongoing support and input to the program including Dietician, Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist, Remedial therapist, Registered nurse and Fitness consultant
  • Prenatal and postnatal education programs delivered by experienced registered Nurse and Midwife
  • Close liaison and communication with client, IVF specialist, obstetrician and GP
  • Strong evidence based clinical support and close supervision provided for all aspects of the program to ensure safe and effective exercise
  • Exercise is designed to maximise functional and core strength whilst minimising the negative musculoskeletal effects of pregnancy/giving birth such as back, hip pain and rectus diastasis
  • Balanced diet, and healthy weight gain/loss recommendations
  • Psychological preparation and coping strategies to minimise the impact of the roller-coaster of emotions typically involved with either trying to fall pregnant, during the pregnancy and post delivery